Friday, July 31, 2015

Day Two

Where do I even begin??  What a day!  We woke up and started our day with a hot breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  Maricela shared some of the local fruits with us so we experienced a delicious taste of Peru! Then we headed upstairs for our devotions.  It was a great time of remembering that God will provide the words we need if we are willing to humble ourselves and be used by Him.  
We headed to the center of Lima,  up a mountain (where we had to wait for a broken down car to be pushed up the road), to the cross on the top of the mountain.  We handed out tracts to the people there and then spent time praying over the city.

Our next stop was the Presidential Palace area.  We ate a lunch of roasted chicken, fried potatoes and salad before heading to the streets.  In the next two hours, we handed out 600 Bibles and hundreds of tracts within the square and the streets. One of the coolest things to watch was how Abby was able to break down some barriers by handing out stickers to children.  A shopkeeper even came out to get one!  We met people with real questions about an eternal home in heaven.  We met people who had real despair.  We met people who encouraged us. Many of us had conversations with people that had questions or wanted clarification.  A few people prayed to accept Jesus as their Savior.  We met students, shopkeepers, Mormons, and some that just were in despair and needed prayer.  God set some divine appointments for us.

We walked a few blocks to the Inquisition Museum.  We were able to see some of the ways they tortured Christians during that time in history.  It really made me think, what would I do?  I cannot imagine the horrors they faced.  And the horrors some Christians around the world are currently facing.  It made me reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to worship how I want, where I want.  And how fortunate we are to be here sharing freely.

Our next stop was Magic Waters.  It was an outdoor water park (not like Water Country) but fountains.  You can play in the water.  It was a little chilly to do that but some of the younger ones in our group played in a fountain.  They only got a little wet!  Others who are young at heart rode the little train around the park.  It was a nice place to sit and reflect on the day.  A calm after a storm of emotion.  

Our final stop of the day was Jockey Plaza for dinner.  Some of the group ate food that was Peruvian.  Others enjoyed fruit smoothies.  Then we headed for home. 
It was a long, good day.  A full day.  There were interactions with people, historical reflections, quiet times with the Lord, and silly times of giggles.  Thank you for praying for us.  Please join us in prayer for Kelly, Beatrice, Carla, and Abel.  They made a choice to follow Christ as Savior and we are praying they connect with other believers locally.


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