Thursday, July 30, 2015

You're On the Team!

     It has been a long and exhausting day, so you'll have to wait until Friday Morning for the post on today's events. However, I wanted to post a reminder about how important YOU are as a member of this team. While we only brought 13 people to Peru, I have been saying for weeks/months that you are part of our larger "team." You have been praying, encouraging, and giving financially for this trip, and we thank you. Today, Peggy Moran, who is serving as our missions contact in Peru, learned that the primary vehicle that the Children's Home uses would need major repairs. The total cost will end up being around $2,000, which NLCH does not have. Because you have given so generously, and because NBBC has a line item in the budget for Peru missions, I was able to put $2,000 in Peggy's hand to pay for the vehicle repairs. Thank God, and thank you for being on this team!!

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