Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 5

Sunday: Day 5

We began our day probably much like you did...excited to be going to worship.  Four of our team members headed out early to pick up the children for church. Armed with a bull horn and much like the pied piper they stopped and picked up young and old. Led by some of the older children, they sang all the way to church. The children from the Home dressed in their Sunday best.  For the boys that meant collared shirts (tucked in) and jeans with a belt. Many of the young girls were wearing new outfits sent with love from many of you. Our team looked much like we do ever Sunday. Laurie had a suitcase full of key chains and butterflies for crafts, a story from the Bible and our faithful youth to do whatever was needed. We dressed in our Sunday best and were thankful that our dresses were long enough to cover our tennis shoes. We were welcomed like family by greeters much like you. Just like home the words for the worship songs were up on a screen and just like home sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. The words were in both Spanish and English and somehow it blended together.  We lifted our voices in one of the best renditions of "HOW GREAT THOU ART" I have ever heard.  I am sure God was pleased.  One of our team members and a young intern from the home gave their testimonies,  Pastor Rob delivered the sermon with a translator. Pastor David extended the invitation. Many went forward.  I am sure God was pleased. Everyone handed out beautiful bookmarks made by our faithful WMU ladies at NBBC.
We came back home, played with the children and headed out to see the Inca ruins. They are incredible.  It is amazing that they are still standing.  A legacy of civilization that is long gone but to which we are drawn.  We all took lots of pictures to share with you.

Our trip has been amazing. We have seen and done a lot. We have seen despair and poverty that a picture or words cannot describe.  But we have gotten to stay in a place where people that love God and are willing to share the love of their Jesus with a child can change the world.  They restore human beings into what God originally created them to be.  I have heard more laughter in the last 5 days than I have heard in the last 10 years. Our team has 4 members under the age of 18 and I can see that they have in them the ability to turn despair into hope with their smile. The language barrier has not been a problem. When the children on the playground run and jump into your arms I know they are saying "I love you."

We feel all of your prayers and are so thankful for them. As we begin to make our journey back to your loving arms please keep up the prayers that have carried us thus far.  We have much more to do before we leave here.

We remain in HIS grip!

Love You,

Your Peru Mission Trip Team



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