Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day Four

 The day started with french toast for breakfast. After breakfast, Kelsey did the devotion about spiritual gifts and how we're all here for a purpose. Right after, the team went outside to play with the kids. We did everything from running and swinging, to playing with a Peruvian toy. Playing with the kids did not stop there, we then took them to lunch at a local rotisserie chicken restaurant. While we were there the movie Toy Story was playing and all the kids were watching so intensely that they did not even pay attention to their food until they were told it was time to eat! Even at that point, some of the kids were still watching the movie and not eating. While we were there, Peruvian Peggy ordered cow heart. Abby, David, Elizabeth, and Kelsey all tried it and they loved it!!  We left lunch and we took the kids to the new playground near the children's home. After about 30 minutes of playing on the playground, we took the kids to go get ice cream at a local market. We then walked back to the children's home where we again began playing with the kids for a few more minutes. At this point we had to get ready for a wedding (for people that we had never met) we would be attending later that night. After getting ready, we headed to the church and watched the beautiful couple get married. In Peru it is a tradition to take pictures with everyone who attended, since we attended we had to take pictures with the newlyweds. Once we left the wedding we ate dinner and listened to a wonderful devotion by Terri Lawler. Today was all about spending time with the precious kids of the children's home. We want to thank you for your continuous support and prayers for our team and the people in Peru.

-Abby, Kelsey, Elizabeth, and last but not least David

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