Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 7

As I sit reflecting on such an awesome day, a few are unwinding playing cards, some are getting ready for bed, while others are out for some fresh night air.  All have found a common bond of love for these Peruvian people.  Today  we started the day cooking up a dish of rice, chicken, hot dogs and scrambled eggs seasoned with peppers and onions.  Our group was most efficient in the kitchen and even had it cleaned up in less than 3 hours.

Once our food was prepared, we stopped to feed ourselves before heading out to serve the masses.  Earlier this week some of us requested a Peruvian dish of Cuy (guinea pig) so our cooks granted our wish and  fixed this delicacy for us to sample.  I can say that it truly taste like dark meat chicken.  Now every time I see that guinea pig in the Academy classroom I will think of eating it. Mmmmm

We loaded the food trailer and bus with people, food, and Bible with stickers and candy to attract many kids and adults alike.  In Manchay, there is a new church start that is struggling (prayers needed) so we went there to encourage and serve that community. Armed with a bullhorn, a man called to the people to come and hear our message and get free food.  Before we could set up the trailer there was a crowd gathering to see what these Americans were up to.  Marcela gave her testimony and Laurie shared the gospel message and many boys, girls, and adults gained a forever home in heaven.  We had met a spiritual need now it was time to meet a physical need, food.  We served our rice and chicken dish until there were no more people and even sent extra  home to some siblings or parents.  All received Bibles as they came through the line.  As we were pulling away from the first site an older man could be seen sitting on his porch reading the New Testament that we had given him.

We had not gone but two or three blocks when the pastor said the "president" of this community wanted to speak with us.  We had a little food left so we set up again on another corner.  This time I (Anne) got to share my testimony and give the gospel since it was a small group of mostly women.  I really don't remember what I said but about 30 or so people prayed to receive Christ right there on that street corner. We gave them Bible, stickers, candy, food and drink.  All left feeling excited about how God was using us to touch His people.

You might think that was a full day but we were off to Lima to take supplies and the gospel to 15 boys in a "holding tank" who all prayed with Pastor Rob to invite Christ into their lives.  In times like these I sometimes wonder if they are really making this decision seriously or just raising their hands because they want to please us.  It is not up to me to decide but to be faithful in letting God use me/us to deliver His Word and let Him draw each individual to Him.

Please join me in praying for each individual who heard the gospel today whether they responded positively or not.  Pray that the seed would sprout and grow.

Our group is healthy and happy and preparing to return home.  Please pray as we say our "see ya laters" and return to our loved ones in the states!

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